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Entrepreneurs Communicate

Page history last edited by Sean D. Williams 13 years, 6 months ago

Entrepreneurs Communicate is a wiki to manage a research project sponsored by the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute in Barcelona, Spain. The project's main purpose is to investigate the intersections of entrepreneurship and social media, including building a theory of "Entrepreneurial Communication" based upon principles from Conversation Analysis that informs why entrepreneurship and social media are a natural marriage.


Project Description Methods

Resources Annotated Sources
 Key Findings

Partner Pages
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The project has several partners who have generously agreed to participate in the study  and deserve credit up front (please support them!):


Purveyor of fine pickled foods --  New York City, USA





Distributor and developer of natural health products

 --San Francisco, USA


Cutting edge musical group  --  San Diego, USA




Mobile phone provider  --  Madrid, Spain




Training, consulting and coaching -- Brussels, Belgium  




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